In this century, arachnophobia harms and kills more people than those who actually suffer a spider bite. Our fears will kill us far more maliciously than any monster.

Those who shirk from discipline and cringe at self-control often state they are free, unbound, liberated. When all is said and done, kites can’t soar without string to restrain them.

The strongest man in the world was asked by an aspiring young athlete how to make the maximum weight he was lifting feel easier. The champion responded, “Take what you are lifting, train yourself even harder to grow, so that you can lift twice that weight. The weight you carry on your shoulder now will seem effortless”.

A young boy and his father were exploring a rocky creek bed. The boy began building a dam, an impressive structure spanning the breadth of the river. However, no matter how hard he tried, he could not move the final rock into position to complete the dam. He tried leveraging the rock, he tried rolling the rock, he even tried pulling the rock. The rock didn’t budge. Exhausted and defeated, the boy collapsed in tears. Seeing his son in distress, and having watched the entire proceeding, the father told his son, “Don’t quit, you haven’t tried everything yet.” The boy was beside himself, “What do you mean dad, I have tried everything! I tried leveraging the rock, I have tried rolling the rock, I have even tried pulling the rock. Nothing worked!”.

“You haven’t tried everything yet” the father said, smiling. “You haven’t asked me to help you”.

Why cloud a lesson in frivolous detail, when a simple story will suffice?

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